• Multi-Language Global Syndication

    Your multi-language listings are distributed to local and global websites in their own language...

    It means that every multi-cultural and international buyer is looking at your listings in their own language !!!

Welcome to EZ Tour Maker, Your Multi-Language Marketing Partner

Harness the power of Multi-Language

US Census shows nearly 20% of the population speaks a language other than English, steadily increasing over the last three decades.

EZ Tour Maker’s multi-language virtual tours are easy, quick and readily produced in multiple languages of your choice with voice-overs to reach and cultivate a multi-cultural marketplace of buyers. Our technology enables you to enter your property’s information in each language, independent of the English version.

Our dynamic interactive user interface captivates the interest of English and Non-English speaking sellers, buyers and renters. Showcase your property features in each language, concurrently with English. We integrate pictures, text, instant voice-overs, floor plans and emails in each language.

Multi-Language True Global Syndication

The business opportunity with multi-language customers is clear as demonstrated in the 2012 NAHREP report - Hispanics accounted for 51% of the total net increase of US owner households. Also, the NAR 2012 profile of international buyers shows the total US residential sales was 9% or $82.5 billion dollars, growing at an astonishing 24% from last year.

Your multi-language listings and web pages are distributed to local and global websites. For example, over 90 million Chinese buyers look for global properties on Chinese websites. We seamlessly integrate your listings in Chinese to these web sites.

Sellers gravitate to strategic marketing concepts like advertising in non-English newspapers, multi-language property flyers and global web sites. Now you can use language as part of your marketing campaign.

Multi-Language Toll Free Marketing System

Enhance your customer service by utilizing our innovative, toll free multi-language system. It enables your caller to hear the description of each listing in their selected language, leave a message, retrieve the virtual tour link, speak to you or your covering referral agent.

Our system provides a smoother, more consistent level of service as customers are automatically directed based on language to the appropriate team members. Collaborative spirit at its Best!!!

Use our QR code and Toll Free system on sign riders (“24HR Recorded Info”) and print media so they can read and listen in their own language. You can build trust with customers and they can easily bond with the listing without the need of a translator. Our QR code directs your customer to your embedded multi-language listing and virtual tour.

Tracking each multi-cultural caller represents a potential purchase, sale and automatic referral. You can track the ads that generate leads and build a multi-cultural group of buyers. Sellers will attract more buyers and your properties will take less time to sell.

Integrated Multi-Language Virtual Tours for All Devices

EZ Tour Maker’s revolutionary new multi-language technology is your “KEY” to opening the door to new multi-cultural marketing opportunities regardless of the language you speak, the language they speak or where they are located.

We tailor your listings to accommodate all mobile devices. We minimize scrolling, make it thumb friendly, designed for low light, click to call capable for all phone numbers, instant voice-overs in 20+ languages and our responsive design senses your mobile device.

In just 10 languages - English, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Korean - you can reach and communicate with 82.6% of all the internet users in the world. Today’s property buyers are both local and global — Adopt EZ Tour Maker’s multi-language marketing solutions and globalize your listings instead of just localize.

Instant Voice-Overs in 20+ Languages

Your listings can be seen and heard simultaneously on all devices in more than 20 instant voice-overs, perfect for your mobile customers.

Language and culture are intimately related and intertwined. Culture determines how words and what words are used. A consumer is more receptive to buying, if the property is properly described in their own language. By communicating accurately, both local and global multi-language consumers can be captivated without the need of a translator.

our working process in 3 steps

EZ Tour Maker is true to its name.

You can easily create multi-language virtual tours in 1-2-3 easy steps.

You can PLAN - DEVELOP - DEPLOY your multi-language virtual tour all by yourself or take advantage of our services.

Here is our process...


Plan your virtual tour. Plan and decide the number of languages you want, the number of photos, videos and text you want to upload. Plan and decide if you want to Do-It-Yourself or you want us to Do-It-For-You.


The EZ Tour Maker system allows you to develop the tour in multiple languages on your own by uploading the pictures, text and even use our instant voice-overs. If needed you can use our full service options.


Our multi-language global syndication, toll free marketing system and QR technology will help you maximize the exposure for your listings. All you have to do, is to sit back and see your sales soar and rake in buyer leads.


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  • Thank you very much for creating a virtual tour that help sellers sell and buyers buy and makes the Real Estate world a better place.
    a New York City Realtor
  • How come we didn't have this before.
    a New Jersey Real Estate Broker
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