Multi-Language Tours

  • 100+ Languages supported
  • Type-It-Yourself
  • Full Servcie Professional Translations
  • Automatic translation using EZ TransCreation System
  • Unlimited Text in Virtual Tours
  • Multi-Language Open House Flyers
“If a buyer doesn't fully understand your message, they won't buy it.” EZ Tour Maker’s revolutionary new multi-language technology is your key to opening the door to new multi-cultural marketing opportunities regardless of the language you speak, the language they speak, or where they are located. Language impacts consumer's buying behavior.

If you don’t invest in translation, you can’t reap the benefits, but chances are your competitors will!”

Instant Voice-overs

  • 20+ Languages supported
  • Instant Voice-over Generation
  • Real Time Preview
  • Real Time Update
  • Full service professional Human Voice-overs available
Our breakthrough technology communicates in multiple languages simultaneously, using the most commonly spoken languages to build a customer base of local multi-cultural customers and international buyers. Consumers are demanding a “richer experience” and with EZ Tour Maker’s multi-language virtual tours your listings can be seen and heard, simultaneously, on all devices.
We include instant voice-overs in over 20 languages- your customers will be able to listen to the property’s information at the same time they view the pictures in multi-languages... picture-perfect for your mobile customers.

Global Syndication

  • Global syndication in multiple languages
  • Properties advertised in different language websites
  • You decide which website your listing goes on
  • Sent to top internet search engines
  • You can post it on your favorite Social Media sites
  • Sent to Real Estate portals and Classified sites
In just 10 languages - English, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Korean - you can reach and communicate with 82.6% of all the internet users in the world. With EZ Tour Maker your listings are syndicated on global sites in their respective languages.
Today’s property buyers are both local and global,adopt EZ Tour Maker’s multi-language marketing solutions and “globalize your listings instead of just localize”.

24/7 Toll-Free System

  • 24/7 Multi-Language Property Information Hotline
  • US Toll-free and Local Numbers available
  • International Numbers available
  • Unlimited Extensions available
  • Call forward service available
  • Voice mail service available
  • Extension based call forwarding available
Language and culture are intimately related and intertwined. Our multi-language 24/7 toll-free marketing system delivers a pleasant and familiar cultural experience to the customer. Each customer can read and listen to your listings in their language and can be automatically routed to you, your backup, or sent directly to your referral agent based on each language.
Build your multi-cultural business based on your requirements and capture every lead!

Multi-Language Flyers

  • Instantly Created Multi-Language Flyers
  • Printer friendly flyers
  • Downloadable PDF format
  • Customize with your logo and photo
  • Wide range of templates to select from
  • Can include property virtual tour QR code for lead generation
Language impacts consumers buying behavior! Consumers won’t buy what they cannot understand. EZ Tour Maker’s revolutionary new multi-language technology is your “KEY” to opening the door to new multi-cultural marketing opportunities regardless of the language you speak or the language they speak.
EZ Tour Maker allows you to create Downloadable Printer Friendly Multicolor PDF Property Flyers in Multiple Languages with property virtual tour QR code.

User Statistics / Reports

  • Activity Summary Reports
  • Track the tour click sources like search engines and syndication sites
  • Visitor demographic reports such as location etc.
  • Track clicks and traffic on each language virtual tour link
  • Detailed reports for the 24/7 Toll Free Marketing system
  • Keep track of the referred out leads
Build your multi-cultural business - capture every lead. With EZ Tour Maker Virtual Tour you get detailed traffic reports on all the clicks you get on your multiple language virtual tours as well as call records and usage for the 24/7 Toll Free Marketing System.

You can track click sources like search engines, syndication sites and also get visitor demographic reports such as location etc for each language virtual tour link.